Making the Tire

When mixing the two portions of the mold making material together, I found it easiest to use one of those small mixing cups that holds 1 fluid ounce (about 30 ml), and poured both components into the same container. If you use separate containers you need to compensate for the stuff that gets left behind. If you don't get the mixture at 1:1 then it won't set properly.

Due to the difficulty I encountered getting the black piece out of my mold (probably due to using the wrong mold release), I decided to line the inside of the mold with aluminum foil. You can see a piece of it here. I used some of the petroleum jelly to "stick" the foil to the side of the mold. The picture I took here was after the I finished both tires, so the foil was just placed there.

I also filed eight half round pieces around the edge of the wheel (not present in this picture, but visible in the next picture). I mixed the mold making material (it only takes 10-15 ml) and poured it using a toothpick across the top of the mixing container (the mixed material flows along the toothpick, allowing precise placement. When mixing the two portions, don't be too vigourous. You don't want to introduce air bubbles. Smaller...

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