Mold Making Compound

These are the containers that the plyurethane mold making material comes in. I used Synair's Pour-A-Mold (PAM-111) which I purchased from Coast Fiber-Tek, but most places that specialize in plastics also carry this or similar materials. Industrial Paint & Plastics also carries a variety of mold making materials.

Quentin Cobb says that I used PAM-2020 and not PAM-111 (apparently the 111 is white and the 2020 is transparent, but I can't find any reference to PAM-2020 on Synair's website). Anyways, the containers say 2020 on them.

At the store they gave me SynLube 1000 as the release agent, and according to the web site, this isn't the correct stuff. The web site mentions SynLube 531 which is a wax based release agent. The SynLube 1000 didn't seem to work particularly well, so I think I'll need to look into this further.

See below. The 531 works much better. Smaller...

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