Mostly Done

The carcass is pretty much done. It still needs some trim, a couple of doors and some drawer fronts. The surface of the workbench itself will be a layer of 3/4" plywood with 2 3/4" layers of MDF topped with a 1/4" layer of hardboard. This will rest on the 4x4 legs seen here. The work surface will be 3' x 6'.

The base is made out of 2x4's. The pullout shelves are made from 3/4" plywood with pine around the edges. The drawer bottoms are 1/2" plywood, and everything else is 3/4" plywood.

The final workbench height will be 37". My vise is 8" high, placing, the top of the vise at 45", which is how high the bottom of my elbow is when I'm standing (I'm 6'-4" tall). Smaller...

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