Router Base Centering Jig

Since I created a quick-and dirty router table, I needed to be able to remove the baseplate and reattach it as close to center as possible, especially if I was going to use the router base with my Dado Jig.

Centering Piece

I happened to have a solid piece of PVC lying around so I turned a taper which went from a bit smaller to a little bit bigger than the opening in the center of the router base, and I bored a 1/2" hole in the middle. Bigger...

Side Profile

Here's a picture from the side. Bigger...

In Place

I used a piece of 1/2" ejector pin (a friend of mine used to work in a die making shop) which I chuck up in the router, and then slide the centering piece down, while the mounting screws are still bit loose. When the centering piece is fully seated, I tighten up the mounting screws and voila, a nicely centered router base. Bigger...

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