This is my page of Robo-Magellan links, pictures, and movies.

Robothon 2004

Pictures and movie clips from Robothon 2004. Details...

Robothon 2005

Pictures and movie clips from Robothon 2005. Details...

Robothon 2006

Pictures and movie clips from Robothon 2006. Details...

I've decided to put up some links to stuff that I think is really interesting:

David P Anderson's Journey Robot uses a rather simple processor (25 MHz 68332) and some really good IMU based navigation.

Interesting documents related to Navigation

Accurate waypoint navigation using non-differential GPS
Using GPS for coordinations of robots
Mobile Robot Positioning - Sensors and Techniques

If you send me any links which are relevant, I'll add them to the list. If any of the above links become broken, please let me know. I have local copies of any PDF files.

And this is my collection of links to Robo-Magellan robots.

Eddie from Washington State University.
Green Monster by Steve Hassenplug.
Intrepid by Mark Curry.
Odyssey by Ted Larson and Bob Allen
Scout by Tom & Cathy Saxton
Tarzan by Robert Scheer

And links to events:

ChiBots - June 2008 Chicago Robotics Club - June 2008

Home - Line Maze 2006

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