First Taper

The last pic was a bit blurry but had the correct color. This one is in better focus but the color was changed by the light I was using. In order to get the pieces held in the 3 jaw chuck, I aligned the jaws so that one was facing straight up. I then placed two pieces of 1/4" HSS tool bit on the lower two jaws and put my piece on that. IMPORTANT: After tightening the jaws, slide the tool bits out. You don't want those flying out at you when the jaws start moving! This left enough room for the lathe bit to cut the taper. Also, before turning the lathe on, make sure that the cross slide won't be hit by the jaws when your tool bit is close to the jaws. I made this mistake and wondered why the jaws stopped moving when the lathe bit got close (but not touching). I now have a couple of little gashes on my cross slide to remind me. Fortunately, the speed was fairly slow (around 400 RPM), so nothing serious happened. A lesson well learned! Bigger...
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