Drill Chuck Mount

When I was working on some small round parts for one of my robots, I needed to be able to hold and cross-drill some small pieces. Because the pieces were round, using a drill chuck seemed like a reasonable solution. So I whipped up this mount to hold a drill chuck.

Drill Chuck Mount

The mount was made out of 3/4" hex 12L14 steel. The end portion was turned down to 3/8" and the 24 tpi thread was put on using the Sherline threading attachment. The main body portion is just a bit wider than the jaws on the vise (which is about 2"). Bigger...

Mount in Vise

Here we can see the drill chuck mount with the small drill chuck screwed on and the whole thing held in the vise. You can also see the small axle adapter that I needed to cross drill so that set screws could be mounted. The large diameter of the axle adapter is 0.5", and the small diameter is 0.2" Bigger...

Cross Drilling

This shows the axle adapter after drilling a hole for a 4-40 set screw. Note the use of the Machinist Jack to provide extra support.

The drill chuck mount also works quite well for holding small pieces for working by hand as well. Bigger...

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