Clamps for 4 jaw chuck

When a chuck is screwed onto the rotary table, it's worthwhile having some type of mechanism to ensure that the chuck doesn't come unthreaded. The regular hold-downs used for the Sherline vise are too large to hold the large 4-jaw on the rotary table, so I made some that would fit.

Hold Down Clamps

I started with some 1-1/2" aluminum angle, that was 1/8" thick. See the drawing below for measurements. I applied some layout blue, and marked off the appropriate dimensions. Then I rough cut everything using my metal bandsaw. A file was used to finish things off, and I drilled the holes using my drill press. Bigger...

In Use

This shows the clamps being used. Bigger...


I drew up a set of plans to document the various dimensions. Bigger...

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