Metal Bandsaw

I bought this metal bandsaw from Princess Auto. They were on sale for $222 Cdn. This was the best $222 I've ever spent.

Metal Bandsaw

Overall photo of the bandsaw. I added a light with a magnetic base. I put a small magnetic mount to hold a phillips screw driver (next to the power switch). You can see my Sherline Vise being used, along with a work stop. Bigger...

Sherline Vise

This is a closeup of the Sherline Vise being used to hold material being cut. You can also see the quick and dirty work stop that I created. The work stop that came with the bandsaw won't reach work in the vise. Bigger...

Vise Mount

The idea for this came from Frank Hoose's web site. I had some 1/2" aluminum plate that was 4-3/4" wide. I drilled and tapped a few 10-32 holes to clamp the vise down with. I will eventually add additional holes for holddowns. Bigger...

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