Generate the G-Code

I use a program called SheetCam to generate my G-Code. It takes a DXF file as input and generates the G-Code. Incidently, I'm running SheetCam on my linux Ubuntu distribution, by using wine. SheetCam uses a notion of "Processes". In this particlar job, you can see three. The first process center drills each of the holes, the second process drills the holes, and the third process machines the outlines. SheetCam also has a rather nifty feature called "tabs". These can be seen by the short blue segments in the red outline. The tabs are small amounts of material which get left behind to leave the piece attached to the material. You'll be able to see the tabs in the G-Code simulation in the next photo. Here's the SheetCam job file: Upper-Mount.job along with the generated G-Code file: Bigger...
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