First Part

This is my first threaded part using the CNC threading capability from Turbo-CNC. This piece is cut from a 1/4" steel rod (CRS - not leaded). The thread is 4mm x 0.7mm (cut using my imperial lathe - which doesn't really matter with CNC).

I created the G-Code for the basic outline using CAD2Lathe and added the threading passes by hand. Unfortunately, CAD2Lathe doesn't seem to be sold anymore.

The gouge out of my live center was caused by me crashing the lathe :( I entered the position of the toolbit using the diameter rather than the radius and the computer happily tried to drive the toolbit somewhere on the other side of the live center - whoops. It also chipped the end of the carbide toolbit. Good thing I had a spare.

I'm thinking that I should setup Turbo-CNC to use diameter mode. Firstly, when you measure anything on the lathe you always measure the diameter. Secondly if you screw up and enter the radius as the position, the worst thing that happens is that you don't cut anything at all rather than crashing. Bigger...

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