Old Power Supply

Here's a picture of my power supply. I basically used a Dell laptop power supply that I got for free (because the connector that plugged into the laptop was broken). It's rated output is 20v DC @ 3.5 amps. You can see where the edges are chewed up from me breaking it apart. I removed the proprietary 120v connector and soldered wires directly to the circuit board for both the input and output. The top half of the plastic lifts off, and the bottom half is screwed to the aluminum plate. The terminal strip on the left is where the 120v AC comes in, and the long gray thing with the red connectors on it is a fuse. The terminal strip on the front edge is for a lighted on/off switch (which is visible in the Connectors picture). The power supply will just sit in the bottom of the computer case. Smaller...
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